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Senior Information Systems Analyst-Flexible Location

I'm Interested Date posted 10/17/2020

Requisition ID # 56122 

Job Category : Information Technology 

Job Level : Individual Contributor

Business Unit: Customer Care

Job Location : San Francisco

Department Overview

Complex Billing – Data Acquisition collects and processes interval meter data from PG&E’s largest commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. This gas and electric usage data is made available to client departments for generating a customer’s bill, making the data available for viewing on PG&E’s website, determining incentives for Demand Response Program events, calculate payment to Qualifying Facilities (generators) and and settling transactions with CAISO.  Complex Billing – Data Acquisition is also responsible for collecting interval data for use in PG&E load research activities. Complex Billing – Data Acquisition collects interval usage data which results in an annual revenue of over $2 billion.

Position Summary

The Senior Information Systems Analyst reviews electric interval meter data that is retrieved each day from large commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers and load research sites.  Electric interval meter data comes from approximately 20,000  sites and is retrieved using Itron MV90xi data collection software.  The Senior Information Systems Analyst validates the data to ensure it is of high quality and delivers validated data to Teradata, MDMS and other downstream systems.  

Job Responsibilities

•    Utilize MV90xi to collect high-quality interval data for billing and research purposes.
•    Troubleshoot data collection problems and ensure that problems are resolved and/or reported timely.
•    Ensure that data delivery deadlines are met at all times.
•    Identify and resolve problems that may affect timely delivery of data.
•    Ensure that clients are immediately made aware of data delivery issues that affect their operations.
•    Ensure that all systems and automated processes are functioning at all times.
•    Troubleshoot system failures and take appropriate steps to immediately correct problems.
•    Process and analyze assigned billing serials.
•    Assist fellow Senior Info Analyst with department’s year-end tasks updating department database tables, ensuring EVEE system files are updated and ready for upcoming year, creating new year Statistics and Exceptions worksheets. 
•    Member of department’s On-call Team monitoring billing application systems rotating weekend/holiday schedule.
•    Provide training and mentoring support to Career Information Systems Analysts.
•    Act as backup to Supervisor and other team members during vacations and sick leave.
•    Assist Expert Systems Information Analyst during Daylight Savings Time change with updating department servers and workstations.
•    Learn MV90 “Morning Process” which encompasses interrogating meters, importing meter data, processing reports via access databases, identifying/reporting system issues and act as backup for the “Morning Process”. 
•    Learn, understand and construct complex data edit calculation requests from Billing Analysts for uploading to MV90 and exporting to billing database.
•    Learn and understand MV90 totalizations algorithms and create/modify totalization algorithms in MV90. 
•    Learn and understand and perform Qualifying Facility and MDAS (Revenue Meter Data Acquisition and Processing) work.  Rotate responsibilities with fellow Senior Info Analyst.
•    Rotate EDS’ Electric Mailbox work with fellow Senior Info Analyst, addressing billing emails and moving resolved email inquiries to archive folders in Outlook
•    Rotate MV90 end of day housekeeping responsibilities with team members, deleting tasks and rebooting system dialers and workstations as needed.
•    Routinely work Data Acquisition Problem Tracking database executing New Meter Install requests, Smart Meter replacements requests, and other assigned issues in Problem Tracking.
•    Consistently look for ways to improve and/or automate processes.
•    Communicate issues, concerns, and solutions in a positive and productive manner.
•    Act to ensure that group maintains effective levels of communication with clients and support departments.
•    Maintain and promote a safe working environment at all times.  Take immediate actions to correct potential safety and health hazards.  Actively support departmental safety goals, objectives, and programs.


Minimum Qualifications:
•    Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Computer Science, or related field
•    Six years’ experience in an analytical data research role or closely related position
•    Excellent computer skills; must be fluent in all PG&E-standard Microsoft Office applications

Desired Qualifications:
•    Intermediate or advanced knowledge of Access or other relational database
•    Experience working with interval meters and interval data
•    Excellent communications, analytical, organizational, and time-management skills
•    Proven ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines
•    Ability to effectively work as a team member

I'm Interested